Is it true, that life gets better? Sometimes it’s hard to believe isn’t it? Cos it feels like the bad just keeps piling up and there is no way to see the good. Is it all a lie, to keep us from giving up? I don’t think it is though. Hope is the elixir of life, that keeps us from giving up. But what I’ve realized is that, life doesn’t get easier. We just get stronger. I know it’s cliché, but it’s true. Ever followed a hard workout regime? I used to workout to shaun t’s insanity workout, (and man oh man, I felt like I was dying on most days. But in a good way you know. That feeling after a workout when you’re exhausted and dripping in sweat and your muscles are trembling but you’re so happy cos you know you did your best? I live for that.)

Anyway when I started the insanity workouts, I couldn’t do a single burpee. i tried to do one but thought i saw my life fly before my eyes. i looked at the people doing burpees in the ideo like they were crazy, cos how can a human being 4 weeks later, I could do 5, without dying. Okay maybe a little dying. But still. And it wasn’t because the burpees were easier, or had changed. It was me. I was different and I was getting stronger. What exactly is my point? I think that is life. Life is like a bunch of burpees. You start out by only being able to do one but along the way, you are able to do five without dying. And somewhere down the line, you could do 10. And it’s not because you’re such an awesome person who was just born with the ability to do burpees. It’s because you have constantly practiced and now, it’s better.

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