MomEnts in bEtwEEn…

We go through life gearing for the big moments. We plan blow out celebrations for key benchmarks; The twenty first birthday bash; The graduation party; The engagement party; The wedding celebration; The baby shower; We celebrate and try to honor the big stuff, because it is the big stuff.

Likewise, we steel ourselves for the major blows, the community that rallies behind a deadly house fire. The family that comes together for the funeral of the cancer stricken young father. The best friend who sticks around for your first weekend as a newly divorced mom. We see the big things coming, and we prepare ourselves for the lead roles in our personal dramas. It makes us feel better. Stronger.

But then, we’re missing all the moments in between. The day to day life that is what is. Nothing to celebrate, nothing to mourn, just tasks to perform, mundane tasks. I’m convinced these are the moments that ultimately make or break us. Like a wave lapping against the same boulder day after day, eroding the stone. Shaping the line of the shore. The ordinary minutia of our lives holds the real power. And thus all the hidden danger. The daily things we do. Or don’t do. Without ever understanding the long term ramification of such minor acts.


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